Industrial quality straps and restraints for cargo.
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Secure your cargo with the best strap and ratchets.

Your clients will know their goods are safe with you.

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Metal Component Manufactures in UK Shift Metal Supply Parts

Owning a machine with metal parts would require you to have some of its parts replaced at one point. You can easily the parts to some of your machines replaced at your local repair centre. However, it may be very difficult to find genuine and compatible parts for other machines locally. Most companies rely on machines made of metal. Most of the equipment in large industries are made of various kinds of metal components, some of which are difficult to find. 

Fortunately, there are numerous metal component manufacturers within the UK. They produce metal parts for machines used in every industry, which makes it easy for owners and technicians to access the components they require. Among the leading manufacturers of metal components used in transport and construction are: Read More...

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What our clients have to say about our products.

Frank Pawlie

"These are some of the best straps I've ever worked with. Shift Metals always sell solid and well performing restraints. I can asure our cointainers are secured with these."

Ernest Graves

"The best of all, in my opinion. You can rarely find straps as good as the ones from Shift Metals without paying a fortune. Here the price is good and the quality is excellent. I don't want to shift back to my other suppliers anymore."

Patrick Vineaugh

"Shift Metals is simply fantastic in what it does. Ratchets and straps from that place have never failed me. I trust them and buy all I need from them. Good quality, good service, perfect delivery. What can I say, they are the best."
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Industrial quality straps and restraints for cargo.
Industrial quality straps and restraints for cargo.
Industrial quality straps and restraints for cargo.