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Reliable and efficient cargo transportation requires proper equipment as well as good traning from all workers who handle containers. A single weak link in the chain can ruin a whole well-performed process. A lot of money and time relies on cargo transporation. National and international shipping is key for all sizes of businesses, customers, purchases and big projects. No transporter can allow goods to be broken, damaged or delayed in their delivery because of transportation issues, at least those that fall under the company’s responsibility. There can be no weak link. All elements of the transportation process must be impeccable and reliable so customers can actually trust the company and return in case they require their services again.


Shift Metals provides transportation companies and businesses with top quality straps for all purposes. Transport cargo safely and securely with our ratchets, straps and retentions.


Our full catalogue of implements for cargo retention is available. You can request it through our contact form. The PDF with all details and features will be immediately sent to your e-mail box. We are also available for any particular question you may want to ask. You can either write us an e-mail or contact us through our telephone number on business hours, or at any other time by leaving a message that we will promptly answer in the time frame you indicate.





Shift metal makes the compromise to provide only top quality straps for all sorts of cargo. Sea or land transportation, big or small containers, special loads and premium services.

We have worked hard to become the company you need. We share your convinction that you must offer your clients the best service possible in all areas, leaving no ends untrimmed. Safe and reliable straps and retentions are fundamental for you to provide a great service to your customers. We are here to supply transportation companies with the best products only.

We work with top wholesalers, only good brands are in our catalogue. All our products are certified and verified. The same way you want to give your customers the best they could ask for, we want you to have the best supplies in the market.


You need to keep yourself up to date on the latest innovations in the field of cargo retentions and handling techniques. Right now, technicians are working to create better products for you, and you should know first of all so you can incorporate the latest innovations to your business. This will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and offer the best service to all your customers.




We have an active, free access blog where we update all recent information regarding cargo handling and retention products & techniques.


Use the information we provide to choose the best products for you. All those products you will find at Shift Metal. They are available at any time from our e-store, with next day delivery in most of the UK and Ireland. Subscribe to our news feed and find out about the latest products we offer.

Secure your cargo with the best strap and ratchets.

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